Hi all! Chalk this up to another thing I thought I'd never do. But nothing like being on the cusp of 2020 to start a blog! Are people still reading blogs? I don't know. But I'm finding it would be helpful to be able to say, "I have a blog post about that!" So here goes nothing. 

I started up my little shop as a way of funding my hobby. Little did I know what it would add to my home and how much self-control I'd have to exhibit to not play with fabrics all day long. Now I see a dress shirt or tie and think, "Man, that would look so good in a quilt." So even though I fought hard to be a non-blogger (for whatever reason), now I'm curious where this thing will end up! 

This is the Boulted Quilt pattern I released in November 2019.

My hope for this little space is that it would be a platform where I can dive a little more deeply into some of the quilts I'm working on. Whether it's colors and fabrics, tips and tutorials, I'm not sure! We'll see where it ends up!  

Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd love to know more about so I can add it to my super short list of blog ideas. :) And thanks for following along!