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Warp and Weft Felix, an ode to wovens

If you haven't sewn with Warp and Weft wovens from Ruby Star Society by Alexia Abegg, I would like to strongly urge you to consider otherwise. :) They are *delicious*. There are always new colors coming out, but the crossweaves are the solids and geez Louise are they good. They have a firmer hand than some other wovens (even some of the other Warp and Weft ones!) that can be a bit slinky to sew with, and they wash so so well. I used them in my cover Felix quilt and then decided to jump in with both feet I guess and put Warp and Weft on the back too! Guess what, it's amazing. Like ah-ma-zing. The softest quilt I've ever made. Instantly worn in and cozy, but the vibrant colors keep it modern. Dang, it's just good.

I purchased a 1/2 yd set of these directly from Alexia and then gently set them away. You know what that's like. I don't want to mess them up! Well, after I made a block of Felix I knew I was onto something and so I went for it. I'm so happy I did.

The square throw Felix calls for (16) fat quarters, but I decided on this one to do (8) 1/2 yards instead. You can do that easily and just follow the note for the 1/4 yard cutting, and double your numbers of each size cut per color/print. It's a great way to go for a patchwork that might feel a bit less busy. 


Anyways, I grabbed some of the newer Warp and Wefts from the Honey line and some of the older ones from Alma (I think??), and tried to choose colors that felt like they had an echo present. What I mean by that is one a bit lighter in shade to another. I thought it would keep it from feeling like I'd chosen every color in the rainbow. I think it worked well!! 

For the backing, I used a Warp and Weft Matinee Daisy and then some hoarded Starry for the binding. And I sent it off to Trace Creek Quilting for a baptist fan pantograph. You guys, I could not love this happy quilt more. I'm telling you, try out some wovens. You won't regret the finished product.