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Sweet Home QAL: Week 2

Hello Sweet Home quilters! I am so happy to be starting on our Log Cabin houses this week! By now you should have your fabrics selected and cut up. And it's time to sew! 

Week 2: Log Cabin Block

The first house we'll put together is the Log Cabin. This little block is just so fun to put together! Just like its name, it's assembled using the traditional log cabin method, building as you add to the top/bottom and sides. Before I actually make my blocks though, I like to start by sorting my pieces. This is a picture of them all cut into piles. 

Then I choose one of the log cabin houses I need to make, and make a test block so I can make sure I'm keeping straight which pieces will need to go where. After I make the test block, it's easier to sort the rest of my fabrics into stacks to sew together. 

Above, I have them all sorted, as well as my center block that is like a little window into the house. 

Another tip for sewing this block is to do some batch sewing. For this one, I started with making all of the center blocks at once....

Then I add the next size up pieces for each house and chain sew those. Building each little house slowly, adding a layer at a time. I hope that makes sense! It's much faster for me than sewing an entire block at once. Sharon has a wonderful series of videos on her IGTV channel that are incredibly helpful in illustrating this! 

And before you know it, you'll have those little houses all sewn up! Sharon has some tips on keeping directional fabrics straight over on her blog. But the hardest part is not just blowing ahead and making the whole quilt! It's just so fun to see them come together! 

Ok! I really can't wait to see all of your sweet little log cabin blocks popping up over at #SweetHomeQAL !!