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Pattern Corrections

Updated as of 11/07/23




Toddler size: piece G should have (9) pieces

Diagram for block on page 3 should have A as the center color and B as the outer squares.


Older versions could have an error for the full/queen size. D should be cut the same size as B and C. 

Susie B

The figures on pg. 7, step 7 and on page 13 should be this: 



Ebb and Flow

Bed Size Corrections

The Bed size background fabric requirement should be 3.75 yds. Also, on page 4, the bed size needs (13) of the WOF cuts and the diagram on page 5 doesn't not need the 30" or 28.5" cuts. 

The Backing should be 10 yds, cut to (3) 120"x WOF cuts.


Queen size needs at least 13 FQs, not the previously stated 16.


charts on pages 4-5 need the following updates: