Meadowlark: Two Color Quilts


Two color quilts are hands-down my favorites. They're simple and classic and they can really showcase a design so well. *Especially* black and white. Or red and white. Or navy. Or a good green. I think you see where I'm going with this. Two color forever!!! :) 

For this version, I used Kona Black and Art Gallery White Linen. (full disclosure: the Kona black bled in the wash through 3 color catchers and I still feel like the white might have a bit of a blue hue now.) I backed it with a Kaufman Lawn called Bouquet in Wisteria and it's so completely lovely. 

I'd debated on binding and even polled my IG friends, but landed on black to just keep it classic and chic. The quilting was completed by Molly of Molly Lovely Threads in the tiniest panto of "Threaded." It was the perfect touch!! 

I probably won't stop my two color quilt love any time soon. And I think a good yellow and white might be up next....or powder blue....or maybe....