Meadowlark: Tester Versions

Tester quilts!! I always think this is when you can really see how a design shines! And these ladies really took this pattern and all put their own amazing spin on it! Settle in with a warm drink and enjoy all of these beautiful quilts!

Two Color Neutral

Claire of The Stitch Saloon is such a talented maker and she really knows how to keep a quilt classic and beautiful. Her aesthetic is always so peaceful and pretty and I love how she chose colors that will go in any space at any time for her Meadowlark! She has bundles you can find in her shop here

Sunny Days Ahead

Elizabeth of Elizabeth Bolten Studio isn't afraid of using bold colors in her quilts, and it *always* delivers. She is so inspiring to me to just go for it and use all the pretty and happy colors, and this beautiful version is no exception. She not only kitted this version but 3 more! Be sure to head to her shop to find them. 

Rifle Paper Floral

Jen of Piper Autumn Fabrics has tested for me a number of times and she's always so good to work with. She makes beautiful quilts and is always up for my gentle encouragement to use some Rifle Paper Co. fabric in her quilt. :) This pattern is better for small prints, and Rifle has some of the sweetest little florals. We pulled a few together and I really love how it turned out! You can get a kit of hers here


This version that Jen Levin made was one of the first I'd mocked up, knowing this would release near Valentine's Day. I'm not really a holiday/season quilt gal, but this is just so sweet and timeless and I don't think you have to think of it as a Valentine's quilt if you don't want to! Linli of Lamb and Loom was gracious enough to kit this one for us, and you can find it here

The OG

Jodie of Joz Makes Quilts is a designer I'm always eager to see what she's up to. She makes such pretty quilts and pulls the prettiest fabrics together. If you're not already following her, you should be. I'm calling this the OG because we realized after she made it how similar it was to the first one *I'd* made! How fun is that?! You can get a kit for hers here

Dark and Moody

It kinda makes me giggle to think of anything that Liza of Liza Taylor Handmade being called "dark and moody" because she's anything but that! Liza tends towards soft and delicate and bright and happy! But when we mocked this one up, she jumped at it and I'm so glad she did! It's *such* a lovely version and I kinda wish I'd made one myself. If you do too, you can find a kit here

Ocean Linens

Lori of The Grey Finch Co. opted for Essex linens for her Meadowlark in the softest, most soothing palette of blues. Guys, if you haven't sewn with Essex linen yet, you really should. They are stiff enough that they don't pose the usual shifty problems of linen and yet wash up like a dream! And this would be the perfect kit to try it! 

Keep the Volume Down

Meesh of Meesh Quilts is another amazingly creative designer and maker who always comes up with the most beautifully unique twists on a pattern. Some of my favorite tester quilts (from other people's patterns) are Meesh's. For her Meadowlark, she chose a variety of low-volume prints and they are just so adorable!! You can find a kit (and shop her shop!) here

Spring Green

Sarah of Sarah-Made is one of the most talented quilty friends I have. Her color selection and balance is *always* spot on and she knows how to make a pattern shine. Her spring greens version is just *so* beautiful and I love how a single color in a selection of hues can make such a dynamic quilt. Shop her kits here

Twice as Nice

Sandi of Thai Charm made not one but TWO Meadowlarks! They're as unique from each other as you can imagine, and *both* so lovely! I keep telling her that this first one makes me want to run away to Mexico! It's just so bright and happy and cheerful!! Maybe I should at least listen to the soundtrack from Encanto while I write this. ;) 

And her second, with that navy background, feels so Pendleton-inspired to me! And I'm a *huge* Pendleton blanket fan! You can't go wrong with either of these version that you can find here

Soft and Delicate

And finally, last but not least, I have a beautiful version that Victoria of Midlife Quilter made. If you are an Art Gallery florals lover, you're going to love this sweet and delicate version! It really just *feels* like a meadowlark! In addition to kitting this one (which you can find here), Victoria also has kits for the cover version I blogged about here

How amazing are these makers?? I can't believe how different and unique each of these quilts feels! I'm so thankful for their time, energy, and creativity, and I hope you feel inspired seeing each of these beautiful quilts.