Maizie, but with 2 Colors

One day as I was playing around on Adobe Illustrator (my preferred way of working on mockups and designing patterns if it's with my computer and not fabric ;) ) and working on a new block design. Usually this means trying it in as many colors as possible and seeing if I still like it, and then it also usually means I'll try it in a two-color palette because I think two-color quilts are just the absolute best! (Below are my Imogene quilt made by Lelie Lemon and an Irish chain using my free pattern.)

One of the designs I was playing with I just assumed would not be compatible in a two-color palette, and I was so surprised when it actually was really fun and unique! So naturally it made me wonder what other designs I'd discounted as "not two-color compatible" might actually be! And Maizie was the first I tried.


Originally a five color quilt, Maizie was the first I designed and still one of my favorites to date. There are a few designs I'd rather delete (retire???), but Maizie is definitely not one of them. It just still feels so vintage and unique and just so.....true to my style. And that doesn't always happen. I worried a two-color palette would lose some of the charm. I'm happy to report, it does not. 

I had a commission for a quilt for a new baby using the softest pink and white palette, and when I saw this mockup, I know those colors would be the ones to try it with. And I love how it turned out. The pink is a Robert Kaufman Sevenberry Petite Floral (I found mine from my friend Liza Taylor), the white a creamy Kona Snow, and the backing a vintage-feeling floral from Art Gallery Fabric's Shine On line by Sharon Holland. It is the sweetest quilt! 

I thought it might be nice to write up some additional notes for how to turn your Maizie quilt (pattern found here) into a two-color option. It's really not difficult and even reduces the number of HSTs you'll need to make! Win-win! :) As this is a pattern for purchase in my shop, I'm going to try to include as much as I can here without giving the pattern away, but feel free to message me if you need more info! 

Two Color Maizie

  • Keep color A the same.
  • Replace colors B-E with a single color. 
  • Rather than making the A/B and A/C HSTs, make them all A/secondary color (*note: this will actually become the dominate color in the pattern, but for simplicity's sake, I'll refer to it as the secondary). 
  • Rather than making the D/E HSTs, replace with a square of your secondary color. The size for this square is the same as the size you trim your HSTs to per quilt size, and you'll need 64 in all.
  • Fabric Requirements
    • Baby: 1 yd Color A, 1.25 yds "Secondary" Color
    • Throw: 1.75 yds Color A, 2.75 yds "Secondary" Color
    • Bed: 3 yds Color A, 4.75 yds "Secondary" Color

Hopefully this is enough to get you going! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Be sure to share on social with #maiziequilt so I can see!