Maggie Pearl: expanding the sizes


Maggie Pearl is one of the free patterns available in my shop, and maybe also one of my top downloaded patterns! A lot of that could be because it's free (who doesn't love free??), but also I think it's just such a user-friendly, beginner-friendly, precut-friendly quilt. And I think people might like friendly more than free! ;) 

The pattern was originally written as a single jelly roll pattern. That version makes a 40"x 40" baby/toddler quilt, and it's just so sweet to see come together. It takes two 2.5"xWOF strips to make one block, so a single jelly roll will make 20 blocks! I arranged these in a 5x4 grid for the baby/toddler size. Each block finishes at 8"x 14". 

But what if you want a larger Maggie Pearl?? Well, just make more blocks! The throw is a 8x5 grid, making it 64"x 70". The bed is a 10x6 grid, finishing at 80"x 84". Now, depending on who you ask, this is pretty close to a queen size quilt. A queen mattress is 60"x 80" so you'd have plenty of width but the length might be a bit short. If you added one more row to make it 80"x 98", it might be closer to the standard size that gives you some room to fold over the top. 

I've gotten a lot of requests for the king size dimensions, so here you go: for a king Maggie Pearl, I would make it a 12x8 grid with finished measurements of 104"x 112". You would need 96 blocks to create this size. Every block needs one WOF strip of a light fabric and one WOF strip of a dark fabric. One 1/2 yd yields (7) 2.5"x WOF strips, so (14) 1/2 yd cuts for the dark and (14) 1/2 yd cuts for the light would the fabrics you'd need for the top. You could also use 6.75 yds of a single fabric for the "light" fabric and cut (96) 2.5"x WOF strips. 

This is all a lot of math to remember, so I'll include a chart you can print for easier use. You can find that here. And if you need the pattern, click here

Thanks for reading along! I can't wait to see your Maggie Pearl quilt! Be sure to tag me on IG with @penelopehandmade and #maggiepearlquilt