Heritage Series: Fabric Requirements

Hello!! We are one week away from the Heritage Series pattern going live! I really can't believe it! I've been working on this idea/concept since early last fall and it's finally ready for you!!


This pattern has been such a joy to work on and research a bit more about vintage patterns and their history. I can't wait to see you dive into them too!




For your planning, I wanted to share the fabric requirements for each of them here so you'll have easy and ongoing access to them! So here goes! :) 


Fabric Requirements

Irish Chain

(70"x 70") 

Main fabric: 3.25 yds
Accent fabric: 2 yds
Backing: 4.5 yds
Binding: 0.5 yds

Scrappy Triangle

(64"x 64")
Main fabric: 2.75 yds
Accent fabrics: (16) Fat Eighths
Backing: 4 yds
Binding: 0.5 yds

Churn Dash

(67.5"x 67.5")
Main fabric: 3 yds
Accent fabrics: (5) 0.75 yd 
Backing: 4.25 yds
Binding: 0.5 yd

Courthouse Steps

(67"x 67")
Center square: 0.25 yd
Steps: (16) Fat Quarters
Border: 1 yd
Backing: 4 yds
Binding: 0.5 yd
I'm really so excited to see your versions pop up! The pattern will release February 24! 


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  • I have to say that all your patterns are equally lovely! However there was such a beautiful simplicity that came from the Heritage Series. I’m looking forward to savoring the make of each of these quilts. It was a goal of mine to work my way through this series. I’ve always said there is so much beauty in simplicity. Thank you Jennifer for all your timeless pieces and inspiration!


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