Five Quick Quilts

Maybe it's just me and the season I'm in, but I think this might be a busier time of year for me than the holidays! Sports and wrapping up the school year means lots of places to be and things to celebrate. Which typically means I have far less time to sew than usual. 

It's also the time I'm thinking about giving quilts as gifts, whether for Mother's Day or a special teacher in our lives or someone who's graduating. So I thought a round-up of some of my fastest patterns might be helpful to have to reference.

Here goes!


Madeline is such a good, modern make and easy to gift. You can make it as scrappy or modern as you want and you're sure to make something that someone will treasure! I think a two-tone would be a safe option if you're less sure of what their design preferences might be.

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow is quick and modern and really gives you a chance to have some fun with some bundles you might have lying around as well! I think it's the perfect gift for your easy going, carefree friend who's ready for summer! 

Big Block Lottie

While the original Lottie might not be a quick make, the bonus pattern found at the last page is a single block pattern that is *so* fast and beautiful. Jodie of Joz Makes Quilts made a linen one I'm still drooling over! And who wouldn't love this for a gift?!


Iris is another quick pattern that packs a punch. While maybe not quite as quick as some of these others, you still don't have any HSTs to trim and the tube method of assembly that the pattern uses pulls it together pretty quickly! And the design is just so unique and fun--most people in your life would probably like it! 


Willow is the pattern I chose for a recent graduate friend, and it was the perfect mix of modern and vintage that suited her perfectly. If you haven't created a quilt "on point" before, this is a good one to try as you don't have to work too hard to create the blocks and they produce such a good weaving design. 

Ok, I hope this helps get you inspired to make something for someone special in your life without burning the midnight oil! They will undoubtedly treasure your handmade gift and probably appreciate it more than another candle. ;)