Finishing Old WIPs

I don't know that there are many things I enjoy more than finishing somethingDon't get me wrong, I can start (or plan or buy for) as many new projects as the next person, but it truly doesn't compare to how happy I feel when I know I've completed something, organized something, tidied something, aka don't-have-to-mentally-remember-to-get-to-that something. 

This week I had two major breakthroughs on this front: paper patterns and an old WIP. I've had paper patterns on my to-do list (all in my brain) for...3 years?? That's a long time to feel like there's something you should do but you just can't figure out how to get to! I finally sent 5 of my patterns off to get a demo printed before clicking "Yes" to a large order. And man it feels so good! 

The second finish I had this week came in the form of an old WIP that actually served a couple of purposes. Back when I released Eloise during the summer of 2021, I made this AGF Pure Solids version and totally loved it! These are some of my favorite colors together. It's so bright and crisp and yet has that cool vintage, crochet vibe I love. 

So while I was frantically trying to find a good pattern for October's Pattern of the Month, I found this and thought, "Wait! This is perfect! I haven't done Eloise and I can kit this version!" Oh, and I really love it and want to see it finished. ;) 
I had ordered some flannels for the Ramona Pattern of the Month that I still had on hand, so I used one for the backing because I'd been asked by a few people how difficult sewing with the flannel was. Here are my thoughts:
  • Flannel is way easier to baste. It's just so sticky to that batting so once you get it smooth, you really don't have to worry about it wrinkling/shifting on you! 
  • It adds weight, so the only difference I noticed when I was quilting was that it's heavier. 
  • I tested the AGF flannel and quilting cotton to see if they would have different shrinkage, and there was no difference between the two, so I didn't need to prewash my AGF flannel! (You can see a little reel of that here.)

I also went for it and did 1/2" straightline quilting. Guys. Please remind me if I'm ever wondering that this is one of the best quilting designs for 99% of quilts. It's so classic and yet modern, doesn't compete with a design, and adds the best texture! Every time I actually quilt on my machine I remember how much I really love that part...that actual quilting. Especially if it's a throw or smaller.   

And look at that binding! Rainbow Starry by Ruby Star Society! The perfect finish!! Man, what a treat finishing this project has been!! 

I had a few requests for the colors and while I have kits (found here), they might sell out so I'll post the AGF Pure Solids I used here as well.

  • Gingerbread
  • Lemon Tart
  • Miami Sunset
  • Swimming Pool
  • Ocean Fog
  • Tigerlily
  • Mauvelous
  • Crystal Pink

So here's to finding a project that needs just a little more time/love/attention and freeing up some mental space, friends. It's really just so great when you get to the other side!