Fabric Buntings: A Tutorial

We recently spent a few weeks traveling around England, from London to small country villages to seaside towns, and it was every bit as delightful as I dreamed it might be. I was smitten with the tiny roads and thatch roof cottages and all the beautiful flowers springing up. 

We also happened to be there for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, so all of the streets in London were in full celebration, and one of my favorite decorations were these adorable buntings strung through streets and gardens. I saw them everywhere! And I thought, "I have to make some of these as soon as I get home!". I used to have them for my kids' birthdays to add a bit of fun to the decor, but over the years I'd gotten away from putting them out. 

I also have a sweet 10 year old in my house who is an aspiring crafter and I knew this project would be a good one to pull her in on! She's already whipped up one and nearly has a second one done for a friend! 

This is a great beginner-friendly project, a perfect gift for a new parent, and a good use of old scraps! I'm attaching a template you can use, but feel free to use whatever 60* triangle you have/like! 


  • one pack of double fold extra wide bias tape
  • 11 fabric scraps (you need about a 7" square for each triangle)
  • 11 backing scraps for the back of each triangle
  • triangle template

How to make your bunting:

  1. Use the template to cut out (11) triangles from your fabric scraps and (11) triangles for the backing. You could trace these with a pencil and use scissors or use a rotary blade. If you're working with children, scissors might be a safer option. ;) 
  2. Place one triangle right sides together to your backing fabric. Sew along two sides of the triangle.
  3. Clip the point of the triangle where you've sewn, taking care not to clip through your seam.
  4. Turn the triangle inside out and use a dull tool to gently push your point out. Press gently with your iron and clip the dog ears at the top. You've created one triangle! Continue with remaining ten. 
  5. Now take all of your triangles and arrange as you'd like them. Pin them inside the bias tape, leaving 12" at the beginning and end for extra room to tie your bunting up with. 
  6. Sew along the top edge of the bias tape, taking care to catch the triangles as you go. 

That's it! Easy peasy! What I love is how forgiving these are! No wonky quilt top or ill-fitting garment if your seams aren't perfect. And it's such a fun way to use up your favorite fabrics! 

I hope you'll try this out, and if you do, be sure to tag me so I can see! You can use @penelopehandmade and #penelopehandmadebunting on Instagram.