Agnes, but different

I can't believe how long it's taken me to finish this Agnes quilt top! Honestly, I started it back in the fall of 2020 (!!!) and as I was cleaning my sewing room last week, I started going through some of my UFOs and realized this one still wasn't complete. 

When I started on it, I wanted to see how adding a corner flip triangle to the corners of each block would affect the overall pattern. And I love the circular effect it gives! I used 2.5" squares on each of the corners. I drew a diagonal line on the back of them, pinned them to the 4 corners of the block, and sewed directly on the drawn line. Trim and press, and voila! You've got a curvy block! (I mean, it's kinda curvy, right??) 

Then I added a border because I wanted to make it a big larger. Do you know the "rule of thirds"? It's often used in visual arts (photography/painting/etc), but it's the idea that we find things asymmetrically balanced to be more visually pleasing. I often use this idea when I'm deciding on block/border sizes, and I did here too. The Agnes block is a 16"x 16" block, so I divided that by three and got 5.33". I bumped it down to 5.25" and added my 0.5" seam allowance. So all the borders were cut at 5.75". If you want to add a border to a quilt and you're not sure what size, this can be a helpful tool! 

The last thing I want to tell you about on this quilt is the batting. I love it so much. It's the Quilter's Dream Puff Batting and I'm not saying it's right for every quilt you make, but I am saying you need to try it. It is sooooo fluffy and decadent, and the quilting can be up to 10" apart! I decided to try it out and didn't overquilt because I wanted to keep the fluff as much as possible. But honestly, I want to try it again with tighter quilting. I think it would still be so lovely! 

To say I love how this quilt turned out is an understatement. My husband is urging me to put it in the shop because we have enough quilts, but it's hard! Whoever ends up with this one will love being snuggled under its coziness! 

Here's to tackling those UFOs this year! Maybe some treasure is waiting to be uncovered! 

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